The secret to how to grow your spotify following

The internet is a world of followers. There have been numerous sensations across the web that were living ordinary lives but were exceptionally talented. You might have come across a few who have got fame because they knew how to use the platform provided to them correctly. One such platform is Spotify for budding composers. The industry of music is wide and if you are to be on the top, you need followers. Therefore, you must also be aware of the techniques to how to grow your spotify following to ensure that your work gets the fame it deserves by reaching out to a wider audience.

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 06: In this photo illustration, the logo of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on January 06, 2017 in Paris, France. Spotify announced, via a tweet published Thursday, that it now has 70 million paid subscribers. As a comparison, in September, Apple Music claimed 30 million subscribers and Deezer had fewer than 10 million subscribers. Spotify, the world’s largest streaming music company, is expected to be listed on the Wall Street stock market in the first quarter of 2018. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

The secret

There is no one particular way by which you will be able to get more followers. If you want an answer to how to grow your spotify following, all you have to do is follow the methodologies given below –

  • Promote your own tracks – The entire world is on the internet and one thing that connects everyone on the internet is social media. Make the best use of the platform by making sure that you are sharing your own tracks across the board and not leaving out any of the major social media websites. This will help you reach out to maximum people easily and since everything on the internet works on the word of mouth basis, you can easily acquire more followers if someone likes your composition. You can even use the platform to give out details about your new work or its release date so that the regular followers can see them which will keep them intact.
  • Create your own playlists – Spotify has a lot of songs that are chartbusters or were during their peak time. You must ensure that you have created a playlist that has such songs as most of the users are looking for a ready-made playlist on the app. By creating such a playlist, you can introduce your own tracks in them and the user who gets an access to it would want to visit your profile if they like what you have created. Also, the more people access your playlist, the higher the chance that your track will be heard which will get your more followers.
  • Working in tandem – You must know that there is a pool of talented individuals looking to making it big in the industry. You could get in touch with the other artists on the platform and work in tandem to compose a track and putting it out on Spotify. You can share your followers and acquire more together. Additionally, fusing different forms of music always attracts more listeners and combining the talent of two artists can result in getting followers quicker.

Therefore, the world of music demands attention from the listeners to excel and with platforms such as Spotify available now, it is easier to access the listeners. However, the important thing continues to be the answer to the question of how to grow your spotify following.

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