Smart Hands Services

If you are aiming of hosting some hardware in a controlled data center and you will like to distance yourself from your own site or you often need to physically handle your tools without traveling at all times. In these situations, you need to read this article.

There should be a reason why you do not need to jump into a data center for little works.  Even with remote equipment, using a smart set of your body may be needed for just simple work.

There is a need to join simple smart hands datacenter in local business time for same location clients as part of the current services. This is to say that if you require power pushed button or an inserted CD. Then the smart hand’s service will assist you. You should have it in mind that not all servers can be rendered under this smart hand service. Under this service, any task that takes little of the engineer is what they can to provide assistance based on the general rule. As long as it takes 30 minutes or more than, then smart hands fees can be charged based on time spent. This is a good way of data center hosting.

There are examples of activities that might fall on the time scheduled for smart hands services;

Network, drive or reseating of another cable

 A Firewall router switch or server cycling physical power cycling

Inspection of network operation light, firewall status light on the bezel or searching for an error showing on a support screen

Collection of CD or tape or setting it in consumer’s server or tools

Receiving and escorting the pre-approved and planned vendors to a customer’s tool

They can also change a patched cable in a rack

Transfer of client’s KVM to another server in order to perform remote maintenance

There are also some examples which fall out of basic data center service and are billable smart hands

Carrying out an emergency service during working hours

Attending to emergency request that needs smart hands outside working hours

 Racking of appliances such as routers, switch, firewalls, server and so on.

Helping the troubleshooting of co-located appliances taking the support of engineers for 30 minutes and above in an organized support with clients

Un-racking parking and transportation of tools to another location

The company must be able to assist their client’s in managing their co-located equipment as easy as possible without the need for regular inspection. The service of smart plan helps you in dealing with the simple items required and the extended services of smart hands may also provide the option to use the company’s support engineering skills to help with more in-depth. If you really need the smart hand option you can approach any of the service providers around or you can also check online to select a preferred service provider that offers smart hand service. Smart hands option is made easy for clients and the service is good data center hosting. By reading this article you should have known all that smart hands are all about.