How is a managed IT service different from break fix-solutions?

Most small businesses focus on keeping their expenditure on IT infrastructure low. They generally look for IT services that are well within their budget. Often, they have to make a choice between Managed IT services and Break/Fix managed services. But before you make your decision, let’s dive into what each of these services means for your business’s long-term growth.

What Is Break/Fix?

In Break/Fix services, IT service provider companies provide professional IT assistance whenever the system breaks down. When a system downtime or break down happens, the IT technicians would reach the location; assess the situation, fixes the problem and charges for the service rendered. It allows businesses to only pay for those services which they have used instead of making a monthly payment. But these IT problems can be a significant project for IT companies to profit from.

Benefits of Break/Fix Services

  •    A business doesn’t need to pay monthly fees without making use of any service.
  •    Allows internal personnel to fix minor problems

Downfalls of Break/Fix Services

  •    Since the IT specialist would have no history of the system, it might make it difficult to identify and fix the issue.
  •    With no monthly plan and incentive in places, regular IT fixes become more costly.
  •    IT specialist does not get a significant incentive on fixing an IT issue fast since most make money on the hourly basis, they take more time to fix a problem.
  •    You will get billed separately for the same issue every time the problem arises.
  •    Since the cost of the service varies according to the project time and equipment used, this makes it difficult to predict the overall cost making budging difficult.

What Are Managed IT Services?

In a managed IT services, the service provider and the service receiver have a steady work relationship. It is basically outsourcing the daily task of maintaining a system to an IT services provider. The IT service provider keeps an eye on the network 24/7 and fixes the problems where it arises. In return, they charge a monthly fee for their services.

IT specialists are more focused on fixing the system faults permanently and ensuring that their client is satisfied with their services.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  •    Since they work with a business on a regular basis, they are familiar with the system and more capable of fixing the issue quickly.
  •    IT service providers provide around the clock IT services on a monthly subscription. A business can avail as many IT services as it needs.
  •    Since keeping the system in the best condition ensures their client is happy, they leave no stone unturned to keep the network up and running.
  •    Since the service provider thoroughly monitors a business network, there are fewer chances of system downtime, breaches, and data loss.
  •    Businesses can budget their IT services with a comfortable monthly budget.

The drawback of Managed IT Services

  •    No matter if the business used the service or not, they will have to make a monthly payment to the service provider.
  •    Managed IT Services usually charge for an initial system setup fee.
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